Top 10 Action Movies on Netflix to Feel the Thrill

Not in the mood to watch drama? Want some action? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. The collection of movies we are highlighting for you will get your heart pumping. These are the most watched and highly rated action movies on Netflix. Let’s explore the names.

Binge Watch These 10 Thrilling Action Movies Available on Netflix

1. John Wick (IMDB-7.4)

Can you imagine a bloodbath of hundreds of men because of a dead dog? Well, this happened in this killer action movie, which is ready to be watched on Netflix. After all, the dog belongs to the deadliest assassin in history, John Wick, aka Baba Yaga. It’s not just a movie; it’s a legend that now lives in our minds.

2. Extraction 2 (IMDB-7.0)

Extraction 2 (IMDB-7.0)

King of thrillers, an action masterpiece, a heart throbber, etc. are the terms that can be used to describe how good this Netflix creation is. It’s the sequel to The Extraction, which was itself amazing and showed how awesome Chris Hemsworth can be. Watch Extraction 2 now, one of the most exceptional action movies on Netflix.

3. Extraction (IMDB-6.8)

Extraction (IMDB-6.8)

Extraction was an immediate success when released. This Netflix movie showcased the best tactical fighting scenes with Chris Hemsworth as an injured lone wolf. The movie is all about executing an impossible rescue operation, which, of course, only Chris can do. So, if you want to watch one of the most thrilling action movies of all time, then go to Netflix now.

4. The Old Guard (IMDB-6.7)

The Old Guard

The fighting style is sharp, the action scenes are stunning, and the plot is unique. Overall, The Old Guard is one of the best action movies present on Netflix. The storyline is about five immortals who have been protecting the world for centuries. However, now their existence is disclosed, and they are in danger themselves. It’s worth a watch!

5. The Gray Man (IMDB-6.5)

The Gray Man

This is another action masterpiece from Netflix. One of the best action thrillers. The Gray Man is a show stopper, displaying the action involved in CIA covert operations. The fighting, plot, story, action scenes, and stunts will activate your adrenaline mode.

6. Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings (IMDB-7.4)

Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings (IMDB-7.4)

Not on Netflix but still the best to mention. Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings is one of the best entertainers, an excellent time kill. This is probably the most terrific work released after Endgame from Marvel. It’s definitely worth watching.

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7. RRR (IMDB-7.8)

RRR (IMDB-7.8)

What to say about the epicness displayed in RRR, the Bromance at its finest! One of the epic action movies on Netflix, S.S. Rajamouli’s creation, displays one of the hundreds of fights Indians have fought against Britishers in the want of Independence. This movie is a must-watch, holding a record-breaking box office collection.

8. Skyfall (IMDB-7.8)

Skyfall (IMDB-7.8)

It is on Prime but had to mention. Daniel Craig was undoubtedly one of the best James Bond. Also, Skyfall was a good entertainer of all James Bond movies released so far. It has a promising storyline with some spy work alongside the best action sequences.

9. Heart of Stone (IMDB-5.7)

Heart of Stone (IMDB-5.7)

Let me tell you that Heart of Stone has Gal Gadot, Aliya Bhat, Jamie Dornan and some of the other most talented actors that made this amazing entertainer possible. It’s a new release from Netflix and one of the best action movies to watch.

10. The Irishman (IMDB-7.8)

The Irishman (IMDB-7.8)

Want an epic gangster movie? Well, here it is. Mentioned in our list of best action movies on Netflix, The Irishman focuses on the life of a hitman who reflects upon his life and the deeds he has done in his career.

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