Navratri Kanjak Puja: Importance and How To Do It?

On the occasion of Navratri, believers worship nine girls along with a boy, which is called Navratri Kanjak Puja. They are invited to the house and then certain rituals are followed. We will talk about this entire tradition that holds immense value in Indian Culture.

We will talk about the importance of this Indian tradition incorporated in the Navratri festival as well as the correct way to do it. Keep reading to know everything about this tradition if you are planning to organise it in your house.

Navratri Kanjak Puja

What is Kanya Pooja?

According to the Devi Bhagwat Puran, the young girls who are worshipped on this day are manifestations of Goddess Durga. Kanjak Puja or Kanya Pujan or Kanjak Pooja is the worship of nine females and one guy (known as Langur), and it is also accompanied by wonderful cuisine (bhog). Kanjak puja is conducted because children are regarded to have the purest souls because they are free of all negative emotions. Worshiping nine females at this Pujan is analogous to worshipping Goddess Durga in her nine incarnations. 

Whom to Worship?

The believers worship 9 girls between the ages of 2 and 10 along with a boy. This boy is considered Hanuman Ji who is also termed as langur. During Navratri, these girls are believed to be the avatar of the nine goddesses who are worshipped throughout the Navratri Festival.

In case you don’t find 9 girls, you can do the ritual with 7 or 5 girls. However, if more than 9 girls happen to come to your place, then welcome each one of them with the same enthusiasm.

Why To Worship?

As mentioned above, these girls are worshipped as the nine goddesses whereas the boy is Hanuman Ji. Hence, it is believed that without doing this, one can not really please the Goddess Durga and the rest.

When to Worship?

You should worship the girls at the end of your 9-day-long fast, on the 10th day.

However, people who do not keep this 9-day long fast, like to do this ritual on the 7th, 8th, or 9th day of the festival. You should do it in the morning after cleaning the entire house, the puja place, the kitchen, and everything else.

Kanjak bhog / Kanya puja bhog

As part of the bhog, hot, fluffy pooris are created with atta, Kanjak’s favorite is suji halwa, which is created with semolina whipped in milk and ghee. Cardamom, almonds, pistachios, raisins, and coconut shavings are commonly used to flavor and adorn the delicious halwa. The mouth-watering Kala chana, which is cooked with very few spices like jeera, is another vital component of Kanjak bhog. Little dried fruit and coconut bits are also offered to the young girls.

How to do the ritual?

If you are worried about the rituals, then you should simply follow the steps that I am mentioning below:

  • You should start by inviting the girls over to your house.
  • You should welcome them with your entire family.
  • You should clean their feet and take blessings from them.
  • Then have them seated and put tilak on their forehead.
  • Give them the food you prepared for them. People generally like to offer them chane, halwa, and puri.
  • Offer them food, money, fruits, and whatever you wish.
  • Take their blessings again and send them home.

Benefits of Kanya Pujan

  • The ceremony safeguards India’s traditional culture and promotes Daan and Dakshina (donations).
  • Brings us happiness, positive ideas, and a sense of equality.
  • Reminds us that we are all part of the divine power and must thus safeguard it.
  • Assists us in achieving wisdom, good fortune, pleasure, and salvation.
  • Improves devotees’ financial status and puts an end to their suffering.
  • It serves as a reminder that women must be valued and empowered.
  • According to the Devi Bhagavata Purana, we must fast for nine days and do Kanya Pujan to express our thanks to the Devi, who grants all of the devotees’ desires.
Kanya Pujan

Importance of Kanjak Pujan

Believers have their faith in the importance of Kanjan Puja. It starts with believing that the nine girls are representing the nine goddesses of the festival while the boy represents Hanuman Ji. It is important to please these kids in order to please the real goddesses watching over you.

Besides this, worshipping a specific age is also linked to some specific gains in life. Here is a list of the age groups with the benefits attached to worshipping them:

Age Group Benefits of Worshipping Them
2 Years Old Drives away sadness and problems from your house.
3 Years Old Attracts money and happiness to your home.
4 Years Old Brings welfare to your house.
5 Years Old Helps to eradicate diseases from your body.
6 Years Old Brings fortune and prosperity to your life.
7 Years Old Brings fortune and prosperity in your life.
8 Years Old Ends arguments and disagreements.
9 Years Old Gains win over your enemies.
10 Years Old Eradicate any kind of suffering.

When Is Kanjak Pooja in 2023

Maha Ashtami will be celebrated on October 22, Maha Navami on Monday, October 23 and Vijayadashami will be celebrated on October 24, Tuesday.

Navratri Kanya Pooja Gift Ideas

We are here to completely clear up any doubts you may have about Kanjak Pooja gifts. The usefulness of the present ideas for Kanjak during Navratri is more important than their cost. The presents are an expression of the devotees’ appreciation for everything good in their life. 

Worshippers desire to receive the goddess Durga’s blessing. Giving these young girls a present is therefore a subliminal way of asking God for protection, wealth, and happiness. Kanya Pujan serves as a reminder of children’s inherent purity. We are accountable for keeping children safe.

Let’s examine some classic and considerate gift suggestions for Navratri Kanya Puja 2023. 

Soft Toys

Soft Toys

For these little kanyas, soft teddy bears or plush animals serve as more than simply toys. They become trusted cherished companions to them. These presents are symbols of comfort and warmth that provide a sense of safety.

Art Supplies

Art Supplies

Giving these aspiring kids painters creative tools like coloring books, sketchbooks, crayons, and colored pencils kindles their creativity. These instruments serve as portals to their creativity, enabling individuals to vividly convey their ideas, aspirations, and goals.



In addition to being useful, beautifully crafted notebooks, pens, and pencil sets inspire pride and a sense of ownership. These kanya pujan gift ideas promote creativity, and learning, making them useful items in the classroom and in daily life.



Chocolates are more than simply tasty treats whether they are shaped like idols or have vibrant wrappers they are an expression of delight. They quench their sweet hunger and share joy by making these little souls smile and experience moments of sheer bliss.



Snacks high in nutrients, such as nutritious snack packs or dried fruits, are wise selections that guarantee the kanyas get sustenance and mouthwatering flavors. These presents show concern for their health and well-being and encourage a well-balanced diet.

Gaming Sets

Gaming Sets

Puzzles, interactive games, and board games may lead to amusement as well as education. They create a passion for recreational exploration, cooperation, and cognitive abilities while offering hours of laughter and pleasure.

Accessories And Jewellery

Accessories And Jewellery

Tiny accessories such as hairpins, bracelets, or earrings take on a graceful and charming quality. They give them a refined look, signifying the emergence of these young people’s uniqueness and attractiveness.


This was a complete article about the ritual of Navratri Kanjak Puja. By now, you know the importance and significance of it in Indian Culture. You also know how to do it if you want to go through with it.

Remember to keep your heart clean and your mind filled with divine thoughts while you do it. Also, share this article with people who want to do it but don’t know the right way.

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