30 Games For Kitty Party That Will Make You The Best Host Ever

Are you hosting the next kitty party of your ladies’ gand and you don’t have the right plan for it? If yes, then let me share some of the best games for kitty parties that you can arrange to have a fun time together.

Now, everybody wants to throw a memorable party but how do we do it? Getting everybody to engage in the event and create memories is the right way to do it. So, you will have to make sure to have different games at kitty party so that everybody can enjoy something or the other at the party.

Now, I am sharing some of the best and unique kitty party games that I came across during my research. You should use these games at the kitty party to offer the best to the ladies joining you in the evening.

Kitty Party Games for Ultimate Entertainment

  • Fun Kitty Party Games: Make your kitty party more enjoyable by including activities that will make everyone laugh. Have a go at “Pass the Parcel with a Twist.” It’s similar to a gift game in which every level contains a funny task or joke. People spread it around, and it generates a lot of laughter.
  • Unique Kitty Party Games: Make a mark with activities like “Blindfolded Makeup Challenge.” One person wears a blindfold and applies makeup to the other. It’s funny, and the outcomes are special. Everyone will remember your kitty party.
  • Indoor Kitty Party Games: For indoor gatherings, consider “Charades with a Twist.” Make a list of funny facts about what you do. It keeps the party going and brings back fond memories, all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Outdoor Kitty Party Games: If you’re having a party outside, try “Tug of War with a Splash.” Add water to the classic tug of war. It’s a unique and entertaining way to enjoy the outdoors during your kitty party.
  • Creative Kitty Party Games: “DIY Craft Challenge” encourages creativity. Set a time and provide craft items. People create something distinctive. It transforms your kitty party into a gathering area for everyone.

Quick Thrills Kitty Party Game Ideas

Quick Thrills Kitty Party Game Ideas

1 Minute Game For Kitty Party: Short on time? These one-minute games are ideal for providing a short burst of excitement that leaves everyone wanting more. Need a game that fits into a short schedule? Try a game for kitty party one minute intended for a kitten party’s dynamic environment. These activities, designed exclusively for females, are sure to bring out the competitive but joyous attitude of your cat party participants.

Top And Fun Kitty Party Games

Kitty Party Games

Host the ultimate ladies’ gathering with a blend of entertaining Kitty Party Games! From Fun and Unique indoors to thrilling outdoor activities, explore our curated list for Creative ideas. Find the Best and simplest games, ensuring unforgettable moments at your next event. Dive into engaging Kitty Party Activities that guarantee laughter and bonding.

1. Fun Quizzes

We used to play these games in our childhood but back then it was all about speed. You can twist it by making it about speed and creativity this time. Then you have to pick up an alphabet and the entire party has to come up with a state, movie, fruit, etc starting with that. You can play with the last part, the category. You can also spice it with some kinky stuff that I am not allowed to write.

2. Remember the Songs

We grew up listening to multiple songs since our childhood and this is your chance to tickle that music lover’s nerves. You are supposed to give a pairing of an actor and an actress and other ladies need to sing a song of the said pair. The person who sings the most of the songs can be declared as a winner.

3. Pick The Coin

Now this might seem simple but imagine multiple hands in a single bowl looking for something! So, what you have to do is put an equal number of coins of different currencies in one bowl. Now the ladies have to pick their currency and collect those coins within a given amount of time.

4. Put a finger Down If

Just like ‘never have I ever,’ this is a game where you get to know the ladies in the room. It is more like an icebreaker game where you enlist some activities that you need to know about. Now, everybody will put their 5 fingers up and every time a thing comes up that they have done, they will put one finger down. The person left at the end will be the winner.

5. Yank Me

Stack the cups upside down with a piece of paper in between the cups. Now people have to remove the papers from between the cups so that the cups can be stacked into a single piece. The fastest one will win the game.

6. Pass The Water

Now you have to pour water into the cup of your teammate but the twist is that you have to pour it over your head. So, all the ladies will be divided into two teams who will stand in a line with a cup in their hands. The first one in the line will have water in the cup who will pour it over her head into the cup of the lady standing behind her. Nobody can see and the person receiving the water has to be careful enough to catch as much water as she can because when the water reaches the last person in the line, the cup filled the most will win.

7. This Blows

Align around 15 cups on the edge of a table and blow them away. Not with regular blows! Give a balloon to every lady and she has to fill it up and strategically remove air from it to push the cups off the table. The one who will be left with no cups before everybody else will win this game.

Kitty Party Games

8. Cup Stacking

Stack multiple pyramids of 10 cups each and ask each one of the ladies to stack the cups into one pile. The one who does it in the least time possible will win the game. Don’t think it is a simple thing as it has made it into the worldwide sports list where it is called sports stacking and there are world records for the same.

9. Pick Up the Gem

This one is tricky and yet fun. As we asked the women to pile up a single type of coin, in this game, we will ask them to pile a certain colour of gem or rock or whatever they prefer. The only difference is that now they will use chopsticks to pick their gems and the one with the most will win.

10. Alphabetic Chats

If your group likes chatting, this is certainly the best option to include in your kitty party group games. This will start when a person is selected randomly and they speak a sentence with the first letter of the alphabet. The next player will continue the game by starting a new sentence with the following alphabet. A person who waits for more than 30 seconds is out of the game. The one who stays till the end will be the winner.

11. Handbag Queen

Prove that you can carry the entire universe inside your handbag and win this game. To play, the host will make a list of 15-20 items that women usually carry in their purse. Later when all the guests are ready to play, the host will take the names of items listed on their list. The lady who got all or most of the items in their handbag will win the game.

12. Brand Game

It is no secret that ladies want to flaunt the brands of cosmetics that they use. You can use this for your party’s good. This one is the simplest yet most entertaining game that can be played in a Kitty Party. To play this game, give a pen and paper to your guests and ask them to write all the possible brand names of cosmetics that they use. You can also pick any other topic like bags or shoes. Just remember they are allowed to write for 2 minutes and not forever. You might have to snatch the paper, cause they surely won’t be done in those two minutes. The one who writes the most names will win the game.

13. Tie the knot

The ending is better than the start. All the ladies will begin the game by tying knots in a rope of equal length for a minute. After that, the main game starts, as they have to untie all the knots as well. The one who un-ties the most knots in a minute will be the winner of this game. Just make sure you have enough snacks to feed them after that, or they might eat you.

14. Musical Balloon

Scatter balloons all over the floor and make your guests feel like it’s a birthday party. Then ask them to gather in the centre and start playing music. Tell them to grab a balloon when the music stops, whoever is unable to do so or accidentally bursts the balloon is out of the game. The one who stays till the end will win the game.

15. Guess the advertisement

This is the ultimate test of the attention that you pay to the television every day. The host has to create a list of common but trending television ads including their taglines as well. Make photocopies of the list and distribute it among all the participants and let them guess the name. The time limit is one minute and the one who wrote the maximum correct answer will win the game.

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16. Say the Color, not the Word

No pause allowed and chances are Mrs. Gupta has included this game in her Kitty Party. But in case she didn’t, now you can use it. This is one of the most loved and fun kitty party games that you can find. Participants have to say the “colour” name by looking at the game sheet and not the word.

Kitty Party Games

17. Memory Game

The host will arrange a few items in a tray and then pass the tray to all the participants. Leave the tray with them for a minute and then pass it on to the next one. Hide the tray at the end and ask them to write the items that they saw in the tray. One who gives the most correct answers will win the game.

18. Tongue Twisters

No pause, no gap, participants have to repeat a funny tongue twister for a minute. To make sure this game becomes a hit, the host will have to pick some of the funniest and wittiest tongue twisters possible. Be creative and let Mrs. Gupta know who’s the boss!!

19. Musical Chairs

Everyone loves dancing, as it is the only thing that we feel when we are happy and free. Your guests have finally got some free time from their family and daily work routine. Make them dance, and let them know dancing like kids, is so much fun. To play this game ask all the participants to circle the set of chairs that you as a host, have to set before the game begins. Play the music and just start dancing, When the music stops everyone has to sit down on the chairs as quickly as possible. The last one to sit is out of the game and in the next round, the number of chairs will also be reduced.

20. Dare Game

Unlike truth or dare, this game is all about being daring. Think of some really difficult but funny things one generally wouldn’t do and make some chits. Now jumble them all up and ask the ladies to pick one random chit. Whatever instruction is written on the chit, they have to do it. It could be anything from chugging an entire can of Coke to smoking. The naughtier the dare, the better it gets. Whoever performed their instruction best, wins the game.

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21. Spot And Write

Make three or four teams of an equal number of members. The challenge is to notice everything each member in the room is wearing and put it down on paper. Be it clothing, accessories, shoes, makeup, or necklace. Whichever team spots the most items wins the game.

22. The Good Old Dumb Shell Arts

This game is as good and as unique as it gets, every time you play it. Instead of movie names, you can choose to keep the names of your members or various accessories ladies like to wear and act them out. The rest of the rules remain the same. Whichever team has the most correct guesses wins the game.

Kitty Party Games

23. The Hinglish Song Game

The host needs to prepare a list of Hindi songs translated into English for this one. Distribute the list to each player and ask them to identify the songs in a particular time. Whoever guesses the most wins the game.

24. Stick The Cotton Balls

Fill up a big bowl with cotton balls and ask each player to apply Vaseline on their faces. Now, each member has to dip their face into the bowl full of gotten balls and transfer them into another empty bowl they hold. This one is one of the goofiest games around and best for pyjama kitty parties. Whoever transfers the most cotton balls, wins the game.

25. Casino Games

To add some extra fun and win some prize money, it’s best to add casino games to the list of your fun kitty party games. For convenience, you can use online platforms like MGA Casino Games, a legitimate and safe online fantasy gaming platform, to indulge in the happiness of earning a few bucks with fun.

26. Great Minds Think Alike

In this game, guests record their responses to various questions asked to the group, attempting to match their answers as closely as possible to those of others.

27. Storytelling Memory Game

People in this game build a story one by one. Everyone must recall the story as it was told before adding their contribution. Whoever fails to include previous parts gets dropped from the game.

28. Paint Your Nails

Gather a few nail polish bottles and correctly arrange them on a table. Each member will select two or three nail paint tones and paint their nails perfectly in a minute. The person who completes the task correctly within the time limit wins the game.

29. Slide the Biscuit

The player must take a biscuit and place it on their forehead. Then they must slip it inside their mouth while being careful not to touch it at all. The player loses the game if the biscuit falls and breaks into pieces.

30. Dance till You Drop

Dancing is one of the most effective stress-relieving exercises. Two players will compete against each other in this game. Each participant must dance for two minutes and lose if they stop.

Kitty Party Games


In this article, we saw some of the best kitty party games that you can organize for your upcoming kitty party. After the games for the kitty party, you should focus on the food and drinks you will serve because that is another thing that makes or breaks the fun at a party.

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