Don’t Buy Gaming Laptops in 2023, Here’s Why

There’s a bunch of awesome gaming laptops for every budget. You can snag a high-end one with the latest Intel Core i9 and Nvidia RTX 40-series, or go for a more budget-friendly option with a Core i5 and older 30-series GPUs. Take your pick!

With gaming handhelds and other cool stuff around, I wondered: Is getting a gaming laptop still a good idea? Do you really need one, or is it smarter to go for a device that lets you play games through the cloud? Maybe it’s worth rethinking if a gaming laptop is what you really need.

Here’re the Three Main Reasons For Not Buying a Gaming Laptop in 2023:

1. The Arrival of Handheld PCs

Handheld PCs like Steam Deck, AYANEO Air, ROG Ally and others are the most handy version of gaming PCs or laptops. Gaming laptops score big for being portable, unlike the Xbox Series X or hefty gaming desktops. But here’s the catch, they’re usually heavy, bulky, and get noisy and hot, especially when running on battery away from a power socket. It’s a trade-off for gaming on the go.

With cool new gaming handhelds like the Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, and Lenovo Legion Go in the mix, carrying around a heavy gaming laptop seems less cool. These handhelds may not match the 4K and max settings, but having a small screen you can hold or toss in your bag is super handy. Plus, they can switch to tablet mode for web browsing and handle work tasks on a big screen, giving you a gaming laptop vibe in a more compact package.

2. The Efficiency of Cloud Gaming

Turn any laptop into a Gaming beast with the power of cloud gaming. Forget top-notch specs on gaming laptops—any laptop can be a gaming beast now. Thanks to speedy internet, services like Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming turn your regular laptop into a gaming haven. Just buy your game on Steam, get GeForce Now, and play as long as it’s in their library. If you want an extra twist, Boosteroid lets you rent a full-on cloud gaming rig online. Easy gaming, no fancy laptop needed.

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3. The Gaming Laptops are So Expensive

Talking about cloud gaming and PC handhelds was cool, but let’s face the money talk now: gaming laptops can be pricey. A good one might hit you for over $1,000, and if you’re eyeing the fancy Legion 9i (2023), be ready to drop almost $4,000. That’s a chunk of change, and remember, you’re still buying your PC games, too—Steam or whatever platform you fancy. It’s a wallet workout, no doubt.

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