GTA 6: How Much will this Open World MasterPiece Cost?

The gaming world has gone crazy since the release of GTA 6’s first trailer. The impact of this open-world masterpiece is unbelievable. Social media is flooded with memes and posts about this amazing creation of Rockstar Games. Well, the fans have shown another level of patience, as the time gap between GTA 5, released in 2013, and GTA 6, to be released in 2025, is over a decade.

Rockstar Games hasn’t spilled the beans on the new title’s price yet, but the grapevine has been buzzing with leaks and rumours. Most fans expect it to fall in line with typical AAA game prices, but there’s a faction thinking Rockstar might aim a bit higher this time.

In this article, we’re talking about how much Rockstar Games might charge for GTA 6 when it comes out in 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

GTA 6, What Will Be the Retail Price?

Grand Theft Auto 6 is a massive project for Rockstar Games, taking almost a decade to develop. While its release is still on the horizon, considering what other game developers are doing these days, it’s expected that the base version shouldn’t cost more than $70.

Thinking about special or collector’s editions, they might be a bit pricier than the regular ones. But even with the extras, it’s likely they won’t go beyond $100-$120.

Some fans think Rockstar Games might charge $150 for the game. This idea came up because a big GTA 6 leaker said the studio spent over $2 billion on developing the game.

So far, neither Rockstar Games nor its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has said anything about the price. People are starting to think that the $150 price is just a rumour.

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