Mistake in ITR? Delete it With ‘Discard’ Feature Launched by IT Department

The Income Tax Department lets you easily cancel your filed but unverified income tax returns using the new ‘Discard ITR’ feature.

You can use the discard option as much as you need as long as your tax return status is still unverified or pending verification.

Defining Discard Return

If you throw away a tax return, it means you’ve deleted it for good. People do this if there are mistakes or issues, or they simply want a clean slate. It’s not fixing, it’s like starting over. Once you toss it, you can file a new one for that year.

How to Find a Discard Option?

You can locate the Discard option by following these steps: log in to www.incometax.gov.in, go to e-File, choose Income Tax Return, proceed to e-Verify ITR, and click on “Discard.”

When and How Many Times We Can Avail Discard Option?

You can only use this option if your tax return status is ‘unverified’ or ‘Pending for verification.’ There are no restrictions on using it again as long as the status stays ‘unverified’ or ‘pending for verification.’

Is a Taxpayer Mandated to File Next ITR If the Previous One is Discarded?

If you’ve uploaded your return data before but decided to discard the unverified return, it’s expected that you’ll file a later ITR. This is because your earlier action implies a responsibility to file your income return.

ITR for 2022-23 Is Unverified, Can You Avail Discard Option?

If your ITR for the year 2022-23 is waiting for verification, you can’t use the Discard option. Starting from the year 2023-24, you can use this option, but only until the deadline for filing your ITR, which is currently December 31 of each respective year.

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Discarded ITR Can be Reversed?

If you discard an ITR, you can’t undo it. The IT department suggests being careful with this option. Discarding means it’s like you never filed that return.

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