Save Fuel on Your Journey With Google Map’s New Ability

Many people worldwide rely on Google Maps for navigation. Google keeps improving its Maps app with new features, and in September 2022, they introduced a ‘fuel-saving’ feature in the US, Canada, and Europe. The good news is that this feature is now available in India too.

Here’s How to Save Fuel Using Google Map

Think of this new feature on Google Map as your fuel efficiency coach. It gives you estimates tailored to your vehicle’s engine type for different routes. When you turn it on, Google Maps checks live traffic and road conditions. Then, it calculates the best route, considering both speed and fuel conservation. It’s not just about getting there fast; it’s about getting there smart.

Turning off this feature on Google Map means it goes back to focusing on speed, not fuel efficiency. But, even when it’s off, you’ll still see your engine-specific eco-friendly estimates marked with a green leaf icon. It helps you spot the most environmentally friendly route among the options.

Follow these steps:

  • Open Google Maps on your phone.
  • Tap your profile picture.
  • Go to Settings and select Navigation.
  • Scroll down to “Route options.”
  • Turn on “Prefer fuel-efficient routes.”
  • Choose your engine type by tapping “Engine type.”
  • Search for your destination or tap it on the map.
  • Tap Directions at the bottom left.
  • Swipe up on the bottom bar.
  • Change your engine type by tapping “Change engine type.”
  • Confirm by tapping Done.
  • Choose Your Engine Type.

Choosing the right engine type matters because the most fuel-efficient route depends on it. Diesels rock on highways, while hybrids and electric cars ace it in cities and hills, thanks to regenerative braking.

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Things to Note

If you don’t pick an engine type, petrol becomes the default, as it’s the most common in many places. And for electric vehicle drivers, remember, energy-efficient routes don’t consider stops for charging.

Google’s newest feature lets you reach your destination fast and fuel-efficiently, catering to different vehicles and driving conditions.

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