The Best Casino Podcasts in 2023

These days the world and his wife have a podcast. Take any topic, however random, and you’ll find a bunch of podcasts proclaiming to be an authority on it. 

To make matters even worse it seems that new ones come out all the time. But, in case you’ve been in living on Mars, why is it different from radio and where did all this begin?

The word derives from Apple’s iPod, those portable media players that took the world by storm at the beginning of the noughties. In addition to music, iPods allowed for the broadcasting of shows made by individuals or organizations.

This made them incredibly popular as they allowed anyone to broadcast content without the traditional constraints of a broadcasting infrastructure, like BBC Radio, for example. The most popular podcasts cover a diverse range of subjects from sports to art, religion to food. 

It would seem that comedian Joe Rogan hosts one of the world’s most popular podcasts in the world. But today we’re talking about podcasts dealing with the casinos, so let’s get cracking and check out our favorites in no particular order. 

The Bettor Life: Hosted by Timothy Lawson.

The Bettor Life talks about gambling from both a professional and recreational angle. The podcast covers a cross-section of interests, including casino gaming, poker, and slots.

It’s been running since February 2018 and is updated twice a week. At the time of going to press, Lawson had 223 shows under his belt. 

Gamble On

It is hosted by Eric Raskin and Jeff Edelstein, Gamble On checks out the latest news and views on gambling. Expect expert guests and analysis on all that’s happening in casinos and sports halls.

The show has been running since July 2018. And at the time of going to press 271 episodes have been broadcast. 

The Casino Boys

Whitmer Thomas, Clay Tatum, and Rodney Berry plus one special guest talk all things casino in this lively podcast. With plenty of wisecracks to keep you going, you can enjoy this one even if you’ve never touched a poker chip.

The show is relatively new it didn’t even start until August of his year. But there are already hours of content over 13 episodes, so catch up!

Casino Kombat by the Ramblin’ Gambler

CK has a pretty straightforward agenda. Be better at how you play games with a better chance of winning. 

It doesn’t come out as much as some of the other games on this list, in fact, as little as every 17 days. But it’s over three years old now and looks like it’s 0 here to stay. 

Double Down with Breslo

That’s James Breslo to you, a former gaming industry executive and host of Casino Talk with Louie Anderson. In his show Breslo interviews industry insiders about everything related to sports gambling, whether live or fantasy league. 

It’s not even a year old but there’s already forty episodes and counting. They’re weekly and at 35 minutes, short and sweet. 

ZorkCast: Vegas Podcast + Casino/Travel Loyalty, Casino Experience, Gambling and Luxury Travel with Michael Mason Trager

Don’t let the long title put you off. In this Vegas-centric Podcast, Trager gives an insight into casino loyalty programs alongside travel loyalty programs from first-hand experience. 

Listeners are encouraged to join in and help contribute to the 154-odd shows that have been around since August 2017. The shows are short at 21 minutes but well worth a listen. 

Due for a Win: Atlantic City and Casino Biz Podcast

Hosted by Kyle Askin and Craig Stone, this podcast focuses on casino activities in Atlantic City, occasionally touching on Vegas. It also sheds light on the hotels and restaurants that operate in the area, making it essential listening for anyone there.

It’s bi-weekly with an average of 52 minutes in length, so a lot is going on here. It’s been around since 2105 making it a veritable podcast veteran as well!

The Casino Business Podcast

Craig Shaklett takes center stage in this podcast that’s a must-listen for anyone in the casino industry. Interviews with experts and insiders ensure you’ll get wise with tips, news and trends in everything casino-related.

It’s not broadcast as regularly as the average cited above (every 48 days) but with 106 episodes broadcast since 2018, you’ve plenty to keep you busy. 

The Vegas Vice

This last one before we go. New kids Zach and Elliot talk all things Las Vegas in this popular podcast that’s barely out of its diapers! 

There are only eight episodes (since August 2023) but they’re long at just under an hour, informative, and certainly worth your time. 

So, here is our guide to some of the best casino podcasts available in 2023. Over to you to enjoy them all.

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