Top 5 Hidden Features Of WhatsApp To Use The Complete Capabilities

Top 5 Hidden Features Of WhatsApp To Use The Complete Capabilities

The most widely used instant messaging app in the world, WhatsApp, continues to improve practically every month as Meta adds new features to improve the user experience. Here are five hidden features of WhatsApp that are worth using if you use it frequently.

Top 5 Hidden Features Of WhatsApp

1. Screen Sharing During A Video Call

Video calls are free on WhatsApp and have been for some time now. The company just released a feature that lets users share the screen of a computer (PC or Mac) or smartphone to present, talk about monthly goals, or pitch a product. To have an immersive collaboration experience, users only need to launch the app of their choice and share their screen in real-time.

Start a video call, then select the screen share option. To end screen sharing, just select the stop sharing icon on WhatsApp.

2. Send Short Video Messages

With WhatsApp, users may send text, stickers, emojis, voice, and even video messages. Short video messages (less than 60 seconds) were recently added by Meta, which can help users attract their friends’ or lovers’ attention.

Click the microphone icon in the bottom right corner to send a brief video message. When the microphone icon turns into a video camera icon, record the message and press submit.

3. Make Whatsapp More Safe And Private.

Controlling every WhatsApp privacy feature from a single location is simpler thanks to Meta. The settings tab opens the new privacy menu, where you can manage your data, choose who may contact you, and activate disappearing messages.

4. Lock WhatsApp and Individual Chats

To improve WhatsApp privacy, you can either lock individual chats or the whole app on iOS and Android devices. In a recent update, WhatsApp added the ability for users to further improve security and privacy by giving each individually closed chat a unique password. While iPhone users may use Face ID to safeguard their WhatsApp, Android users can use a fingerprint sensor.

5. Enable End-To-End Encryption For Chat Backups

Cloud storage providers like iCloud and Google Drive can access WhatsApp chats since they are encrypted by default, but the chat backups are not. You can keep cloud service providers from accessing your personal information by turning on end-to-end encryption.

Enable end-to-end encryption by going to settings > chats > backup > and enable end-to-end encryption for communications on WhatsApp.

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