Want to Change Your Surname on Aadhaar After Marriage? Follow These Simple Steps!

The Aadhaar Card is a vital document in today’s world, with significant implications across various parts of life. Its importance is unmatched, ranging from gaining access to government programs to starting financial transactions such as getting SIM cards or opening bank accounts. There is a simple procedure for correcting mistakes or changing data on the Aadhaar card.

The process is very simple for women who want to take on their husband’s last name after marriage. You just need to follow the simple procedure we have mentioned below.

Simple Steps For Changing The Last Name On The Aadhaar Card

  • Step 1: Women must visit the Aadhaar Seva Center with their husbands after deciding to update their Aadhaar cards with their spouse’s surname after marriage.
  • Step 2: The correction form will be given to them at the center. The personal information asked on this form must be filled in, including complete name, Aadhaar number, contact number, and any required changes (such as adding the husband’s surname).
  • Step 3: The form must be properly filled out and submitted with supporting documentation, such as the marriage certificate or the husband’s Aadhaar card, for the desired change to be made. The updating of the surname is guaranteed upon submission of this form to the assigned officer.
  • Step 4: After that, a picture and biometric information will be taken. The information that has been provided is then verified, and a small fee is levied upon confirmation. It usually takes a few days to receive the revised and updated Aadhaar card with the new surname on it.

This simple procedure makes it possible for women who want to add their husband’s surname to their Aadhaar cards after getting married to update this important identity document without any hassles.

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