Zomato Introduces Daily Payment Option for Local Restaurants

Zomato launched a new feature known as “daily payouts”. The purpose of this service is to help its emerging restaurant partners.

Its goal is to provide stable cash flow and effective working capital to the “emerging restaurant partners.” As per their latest blog, the feature is an initiative by the corporation to support the restaurant sector. Additionally, they stated that restaurant partners that receive 100 or fewer orders each month will be allowed to use this feature.

On its official blog, Zomato stated, “Our discussions with various restaurant partners highlighted the financial challenges eateries face, using the traditional weekly payout system. This feature is designed to address this critical need for more frequent access to earnings,”

Key Features Of ‘Daily Payout’

1. No Additional Charge: Using the Zomato restaurant partner app, this feature will enable partners to transition from weekly to daily rewards. There are no additional costs associated with completing the procedure.
2. Better Cash Flow: Transactions will be settled daily, taking into account sales from the previous three days.
3. Management Flexibility: The Zomato restaurant partner app allows the restaurant to easily transition between daily and weekly rewards.

This function is just for small restaurants; daily rewards will be executed if a restaurant gets 100 orders per month. The Zomato Restaurant Partner App may be used to make the transition from a weekly to a daily schedule. Furthermore, there are no extra costs associated with switching.

Interested parties should visit the ‘Payout’ area of the online food aggregator’s app to access the daily payout option. Based on sales from the three days prior, transactions will be settled daily.

The Gurugram-based company stated that the facility will assist in addressing challenges encountered by restaurant owners, such as expanding their operations and competing with well-known brands.

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