Exploring the Features and Benefits Of LIC Unveils Jeevan Dhara II

Exploring the Features and Benefits Of LIC Unveils Jeevan Dhara II

The Jeevan Dhara II saving and annuity plan, from Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), provides a safe alternative for those who are mindful of market risks. The scheme, which was unveiled on January 19 by LIC Chairman Siddhartha Mohanty, is now taking applications through January 22, 2024.

This is meant to be an individual savings plan with pushed-back annuity benefits, Jeevan Dhara II offers life insurance throughout the deferral period and increases annuity rates as a person becomes older.

Key Features Of Jeevan Dhara II 

Guaranteed Annuity

From the start, policyholders are promised a guaranteed annuity, with 11 different possibilities. 

Higher Annuity Rates

When people get older, the scheme guarantees greater annuity rates.

Life Cover During Deferment

The availability of life insurance throughout the deferral period strengthens the policy’s protective elements.

Loan Facility

A lending facility is provided by annuity choices that allow a return of premium or purchase price either during or after the deferral term.

Eligibility And Age Criteria

To be eligible for Jeevan Dhara II, a person must be at least 20 years old as of their last birthday. The maximum age of enrollment is 80, 70, or 65 years old less the waiting term, depending on the annuity type selected.

Benefits Offered

Reward for Excessive Premiums

By raising the annuity rate for high premiums, purchase prices, online sales, and top-up annuities, the plan offers an incentive.

Flexibility in Payouts

In exchange for a lower annuity payout, applicants may choose to receive a lump sum settlement.

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