Meta’s New ‘Nighttime Nudge’ Aims to Reduce Screen Time

Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta, is introducing new features aimed at protecting the privacy and safety of its younger users. To encourage better sleep patterns, Instagram’s “Nighttime Nudge” program encourages adolescents to log out after ten minutes of using Reels or Direct Messages late at night.

Enhanced Parental Supervision On Messenger

Adding to the Parental Supervision capabilities from the previous year, Meta now provides parents with global views into their adolescent’s Messenger app usage. This includes monitoring usage patterns, getting contact updates, and changing privacy preferences without having access to message content. The tools are now accessible everywhere after being first introduced in the US, UK, and Canada. 

Safety Features for Instagram Direct Messages

Meta is experimenting with age limitations and safety advisories on Instagram Direct Messages in response to potentially inappropriate exchanges, particularly for teenagers. Notifications for questionable conduct and limitations on people over 19 sending private communications to teenagers who disobey them are among the features.

Tested methods also include restricting message request invites to text only until accepted and establishing invite-only relationships.

Instagram’s “Take a Break” function is one of the tools that Meta is providing to promote healthy online experiences. After 20 minutes, Facebook will send messages to teens that recommend breaks and let them establish daily time restrictions. Instagram nudges will also tell teenagers to shut the app at night if they are interacting with Reels.

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