Exciting New Features Coming To iPhones With iOS 18 Update

Apple’s next iOS 18 mobile operating system can significantly change how we use and engage with the iPhone. The most recent version will be presented in June at WWDC 2024. Along with the release of the iPhone 16, it will be made accessible to the general public before the end of year 2024.

New Features Coming To iPhones With iOS 18 Update

1. Powerful Web Browsers

With the iOS 17.4 release, developers can build a web browser without Apple’s WebKit web browser technology. Leading companies like Opera have already declared the release of a new AI-powered web browser that supports desktop-like web surfing, iOS 18 could bring this technology into widespread use. This will free developers from the limited Webkit foundation to create a unique web browser.

2. Third-Party Payment Gateway

iOS 18 could enable a third-party payment gateway for app subscriptions, which might result in a 30% price reduction for purchases or subscriptions. Businesses such as Spotify and Epic have already begun developing their own iPhone payment gateways, which will launch in Europe. The iOS 18 upgrade may make this kind of experience possible worldwide.

3. Sideloading apps

Several rumours state that Apple is bringing app sideloading to Europe with the iOS 17.4 upgrade. With the iOS 18 upgrade, the same capability could be made accessible globally. Users would first need to download and install a third-party app store from Apple’s App Store to download and install programs, both signed and unsigned. To install an app or game from outside the App Store on an iPhone, one must jailbreak the device as Apple does not currently permit sideloading of programs.

4. AI-powered Siri

Apple is going to give Siri some ChatGPT-like generative AI power. A recent report suggests that Apple can employ OpenAI’s GPT technology, which is similar to Copilot, to power some of the next AI-backed features on iPhones, despite Bloomberg’s prior story that the company is creating its generative AI model. In addition, generative AI features for the notes and music apps are anticipated from Apple. AI-powered picture and video editing features, like those seen in the newest Google and Samsung flagship smartphones, may also be included.

5. Support for RCS

With the iOS 18 upgrade, Apple has announced that iMessage will finally support the RCS protocol. This will allow users to share multimedia files, voice messages, and more seamlessly between iOS and Android devices.

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