A Quick Guide For Blocking Scam and Spam from Your Lock Screen

A Quick Guide For Blocking Scam and Spam from Your Lock Screen

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that frequently rolls out new features for its users. Due to its increasing popularity, spam accounts and fraudsters are also keeping an eye on it in an attempt to trick or overflow users with useless messages.

The business recently unveiled the new “Block from your lock screen” function, which lets users report and block contacts without opening the app, in an attempt to keep them out of users’ chat inboxes.

A user can effortlessly remove a WhatsApp account from message alerts. This will make it much easier to prevent fraudsters and reduce the amount of spam that appears on the intranet. This can assist users in removing links from company promotional communications and potential scams from unethical people and fraudsters.

“Now it’s easier than ever to control who contacts you. Block spam right from your lock screen or chat list without opening the message,” the platform’s official WhatsApp account stated. 

  • Step 1: Tap the arrow to the right of the chat notification when you see a spam message on the lock screen.
  • Step 2: Select the ‘Block’ option from the list of options next to the ‘Reply’ button.
  • Step 3: A new window will open allowing you to verify the choices you made.
  • Step 4: Click ‘Block’ and select the ‘Report contact’ button if you want to report the contact.

Take note that blocked contacts cannot call or send you messages. You can select ‘Cancel’ on the subsequent window in case you inadvertently hit the ‘Block’ button in the notification panel.

“You can stop receiving messages, calls, and status updates from certain contacts by blocking them. You can also report them if you think they are sending problematic content or spam,” according to the WhatsApp Help Center. 

As an additional option, you can ban contacts from their chat screen or WhatsApp profile view, as well as via the Privacy settings in the Settings menu.

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