WhatsApp Improved Text Formatting on WhatsApp for Improved Communication

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, announced on Wednesday, February 21, that WhatsApp is adding four new text style choices to improve its customers’ messaging experience. Zuckerberg emphasized that the goal of these most recent additions is to enable users of the popular messaging app to more effectively arrange and refine their communications.

Zuckerberg emphasised that these new features aim to expedite communication and save time, especially when using WhatsApp group conversations.

Newly Introduced Formatting Features

1. Bulleted Lists

  • It is designed to highlight important points in a message, list components in a recipe, or outline steps in a procedure.
  • To use this functionality, users must type the ‘-‘ sign and then a space.

2. Numbered Lists

  • Perfect for outlining a particular sequence of steps or giving a running summary of what happened.
  • To use this function, users must type one or two numbers, a period, and a space.

3. Block Quote

  • Designed to draw attention to and highlight important text in messages.
  • To use this feature, users must type the ‘>’ sign and then a space.

4. Inline Code

  • Allows users to identify certain information included in a sentence.
  • Users can wrap text with the } sign to make use of this capability.

The present formatting options of Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Monospace have been improved by these extra features, offering customers a more flexible messaging experience. 

Significantly, all users now have access to these options on desktop Mac, iOS, Android, and Web platforms. Channel administrators will also be able to use these tools to facilitate more organized and structured group conversations.

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