Holi 2024: A Woman Festival Wish List This Holi

Holi 2024: A Woman Festival Wish List This Holi

India celebrates Holi, one of the brightest and most colourful festivals that is well-recognized for bringing pleasure and happiness to everyone. People get together to celebrate this occasion by eating traditional delicacies, dancing to music, and tossing bright colours.

However, there are also issues like consent, skincare, and women’s safety at the event that frequently go unspoken. We have imagined Holi in the style of Bollywood movies over the years. Contrary to the songs and festival’s display, which treats consent as an odd topic, women prefer to talk about their safety before enjoying themselves.

Women are requesting that this event be honoured differently in light of the growing understanding of consent and the application of organic colours. As we plan our celebrations, let’s take a moment to consider what women want for Holi 2024.

Holi 2024

During the Holi celebration, women want to talk about consent above everything else. Holi is traditionally celebrated by forcefully covering people—including strangers—in colour without their permission. Because Bollywood movies have planted in us the lesson that “don’t feel bad, it’s Holi.”

Women in particular may find this kind of behavior uncomfortable since it makes them feel uncomfortable or violated. Getting consent before applying colour is crucial to make the celebration more inclusive and considerate to women. It’s critical to understand that consent covers the use of photos and videos alongside physical contact.

Organic Colours

Holi 2024

The use of hazardous chemicals in the colours is another big worry for women during Holi. A lot of the colours used at the event are synthetic, which means they may irritate the skin, cause allergies, or result in other health issues.

Women are calling for the use of organic colours to make the event safer and more environmentally friendly. Natural substances like flowers, turmeric, and henna are used to make organic colours, which are safe for the environment and the skin.

Dress Code

Holi 2024

During the Holi celebration, women also want to be comfortable in their clothes and not be forced to wear traditional white clothes that can become transparent when wet, leaving them feeling exposed and uncomfortable.

Rather than feeling pressured to wear traditional clothing, women should be encouraged to dress whatever they feel secure and at ease.

Safety Measures

Holi 2024

During the Holi celebration, women are also asking for safety precautions. Crowded areas and alcohol use can lead to undesirable events such as molestation, harassment, and violence.

Ensuring that safety precautions, such as adequate lighting, emergency services, and police presence, are in place all through the festival is essential. It’s critical to establish a space where women may enjoy the event without being afraid or in danger.

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