Essential Tips for Caring For Your Tulsi Plant at Home

Essential Tips for Caring For Your Tulsi Plant at Home

The Tulsi plant is regarded as very sacred. The Tulsi plant is believed to be the home of Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu’s and Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings are said to be found in houses where Tulsi plants are frequently worshipped.

You must abide by specific guidelines if you have a Tulsi plant. Pay attention to these Tulsi-related guidelines to avoid financial hardship and bad luck for the household. Let’s study the laws related to the Tulsi plant.

Rules To Follow If You Have Tulsi Plant At Home

Avoid Darkness

Tulsi should never be kept in the dark. Always light a lamp next to the tulsi plant after sunset to make sure it gets indirect light.

Open Space

The Tulsi plant should be placed in an open space that routinely receives direct sunshine.

Respect Fallen Leaves

Do not throw away dried tulsi leaves or twigs. After washing, put them back in the ground near the tulsi plant.

Replace Dried Tulsi

Don’t keep the Tulsi plant inside the home if it dries up. It is said that preserving dried Tulsi will bring disaster and poverty.

Consider Directions

When planting Tulsi, follow the instructions. Take into consideration the direction of the fire and avoid placing it toward the south or southeast. Tulsi should always be directed toward the northeast or north.

Use a Pot

Tulsi should always be planted in a pot rather than straight in the ground. Leave the Tulsi leaves alone, even after sunset.

Sunday Rituals

On Sundays, don’t give Tulsi water at all. On this day, it is considered unlucky to remove Tulsi leaves.

Maintain Cleanliness

Make sure that the area surrounding the tulsi plant is constantly clean. Keep thorny plants away from Tulsi.

Gentle Handling

Use your fingers for picking Tulsi leaves; never use scissors or a knife to cut them. Only remove them if required.

Avoid Touching Unnecessarily

Avoid coming into contact with or picking Tulsi leaves before having a bath. In worship, touching or collecting leaves without bathing is not permitted.

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