Holi 2024: Traditional Holi Dishes That You Must Try

In India, festivals are linked with happiness and peace. And it’s time to get ready for some festivities since Holi is soon approaching. Well, parties wouldn’t be the same without good food. Particularly in a country like India where mouthwatering cuisine is the main attraction on every occasion.

In India, Holi is one of the most extensively celebrated festivals from ancient times. This event is all about having fun with friends and family, from the explosion of colour to some delicious gujiyas and bhang pakoras.

While most Indian celebrations have some sort of ritual, Holi is mostly a celebration of food, joy, and deliciousness. This is indeed an occasion where the whole family gets together to get ready for the celebration. But the true essence of Holi is in eating those traditional foods and dressing up in colourful clothes.

It’s interesting to note that each place in the country has something unique to offer, and during Holi, you can truly see how diverse the rituals and cultures are. undoubtedly, though, one thing that unifies all of these people is delicious cuisine. For this reason, we have put together a few easy and tasty Holi dishes that you may make at home. 

Namak Pare

Namak Para is tasty, a bite-sized, diamond-shaped delicacy that is deep-fried and looks like a pastry strip that has been sliced into smaller pieces. Simple refined flour and ghee seasoned with salt, jeera (cumin seeds), and ajwain (carom seeds) make up the traditional recipe. It is incredibly well-liked in areas like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan and is one of the most traditional Holi delicious foods. A popular choice for both adults and children, Namak Para pairs well with a steaming hot cup of tea or chai.

Masala Mathri

holi 2024 food

Masala Mathri is a savoury, flaky cracker that is an important part of North Indian festive cuisine and is eaten during the Holi celebrations. Made from carom seeds, refined flour, and a mixture of spices, it is deep-fried till golden. Its crunchy texture and spicy flavour make it a favourite, and it pairs perfectly with a cup of tea. This snack perfectly captures the spirit of Holi, providing delicious food to go along with the festival’s sweet meals. 


holi 2024 food

A sweet delicacy enjoyed during the Holi celebration is called malpua. This classic pancake is deep-fried and then soaked in a fragrant sugar syrup. It is produced with a batter consisting of flour, milk, and cardamom. In states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, malpua is a favourite dish that is frequently served with a drizzle of creamy rabri. Its creamy texture and sweet, aromatic flavour make it an exquisite dessert that is ideal for any celebration. 

Dahi Bhalle

holi 2024 food

Dahi Bhalle, a popular snack for the Holi celebration, is a refreshing and well-liked treat. Yoghurt-soaked soft lentil dumplings are sprinkled with red chilli and cumin powder and drizzled in sour and sweet chutneys. A favourite dish during Holi celebrations across the nation, dahi bhalle is more than simply food—it’s a symbol of happiness and unity that everyone adores for its delicious and comfortable taste.


holi 2024 food

The traditional drink for Holi is lassi, a creamy yoghurt-based beverage. This delicious drink, which can be savoury or sweet and is frequently flavoured with fruit, rosewater, or spices, offers a refreshing break from the celebration of Holi. In addition to satisfying thirst, a drink of thick, frothy lassi provides a flavour of traditional Indian hospitality. Whether it’s a traditional sweet lassi or a mango lassi, this drink is a must-try since it captures the spirit of the festival and the diversity of Indian cuisine.


holi 2024 food

A popular snack during the Holi season, pakore provides an enjoyable crunch with each bite. To make these crispy fritters, different ingredients, such as veggies or paneer, are coated in a spicy gram flour batter and deep-fried until they are perfectly brown. Pakore, with its delicious and tempting texture, is the ideal snack to enjoy during the vibrant Holi celebrations. They capture the happy spirit of the celebration and unite people to enjoy and cherish the happy occasion.


holi 2024 food

Let’s simply say that Gujiyas and Holi go hand in hand. Nothing captures the spirit of Holi more than a dish of delicious and traditional Gujiyas, which everyone enjoys eating. This Holi dish, which is mostly enjoyed in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Punjab in the north and west of India, is made of fried dough pockets stuffed to the full with jaggery, almonds, and khoya and then dipped in sugar syrup. It’s delicious and adds a touch of sweetness to the festive season.

Gujiyas with flavorful fillings are available in a variety of kinds these days, including chocolate, pista, and sugar-free variations. Choose your favourite and share these delicious treats with your loved ones.


holi 2024 food

You need energy, lots of it, if you want to enjoy playing Holi and jumping to the rhythms that play nonstop around you. For this reason, people of Bihar, Jharkhand, and certain areas of Uttar Pradesh begin their day with a substantial and filling breakfast that includes Dhuska, the traditional dish for Holi. It’s a basic stew of black chickpeas, or chana as the locals call it, served with Ghugni, a deep-fried dish prepared with rice, dal, chillies, and garlic.

Puran Poli

holi 2024 food

Puran Poli, a well-known Holi dessert, is an integral part of the traditional Holi food. This delicious delicacy is essentially roti or chapati with a sugar-and-chana-dal-based sweet filling. The flavour combination created by the savoury exterior and the sweet filling is excellent and it is served with a dollop of ghee! 


holi 2024 food

A glass of Thandai, a cold, refreshing drink that clears your palette after indulging in all the rich, oily Holi meals, is a must-have for every Holi party. Traditionally consumed during Holi, thandai is a popular beverage in northern Indian areas including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar. With rich components including dried fruits, nuts, seeds, saffron, and fragrant spices, the drink is primarily a milky mixture.

Kanji Ke Vade

holi 2024 food

A unique and tasty dish for celebrating Holi is Kanji Ke Vade. This fermented drink, produced with carrots or beetroot and mustard seeds, provides the basis for savoury lentil dumplings. A wonderful sensory experience is provided by the combination of Vade’s smooth texture and Kanji’s acidic and spicy taste. It’s more than simply a meal; it’s a flavour festival that captures the spirit of Holi and the essence of spring. 


holi 2024 food

When Holi comes around, kachori is an irresistible happiness. Each bite of these deep-fried pastries is an experience since they are packed with a variety of ingredients, such as spicy moong dal or a blend of peas and potatoes. Kachori is a versatile dish that can satisfy desires for both sweet and savoury foods when it’s served with curry or chutney. Holi is a great time to enjoy kachori, which represents the festival’s lust and the joy of sharing food with loved ones.

Kathal ki Sabzi

holi 2024 food

In North India, one popular dish during the Holi festival is Kathal ki Sabzi. In some regions of North India, where jackfruit is valued for its versatility, this dish is a favourite. It’s a classic Holi meal with a rich, spicy taste and a meaty texture. When cooked with onions, tomatoes, and a variety of spices, it becomes a filling curry that is frequently served with fluffy pooris. 

Ranga Dima

holi 2024 food

Ranga Dima, an Assamese delicacy, is a colourful meal served during the Holi celebration. It is made out of boiled eggs that are fried and covered with a hot red masala, which gives the eggs their characteristic red colour. This meal offers a distinct take on the classic boiled egg and is the ideal balance of flavour and simplicity. In addition to being a gastronomic delight, ranga dima is a representation of Assam’s rich culinary tradition. 


holi 2024 food

One of the best Holi desserts that you must try is phirni! It is a rice-based, creamy dessert that you must try during Holi. It is slow-cooked with milk, sugar, and fragrant spices like cardamom. For an added touch of luxury, it is topped with almonds and saffron. This dish tastes better and looks better when served cold in clay bowls. Phirni combines the essence of the joy of Holi and the richness of Indian dessert traditions, and its smooth texture and delicate sweetness make it ideal for a joyful dinner. 

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