Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Pets During Holi!

Holi, also known as the ‘Festival of Colours’, is fast approaching, and preparations are in full swing. The Holi celebration symbolizes the victory of virtue over evil, as well as Lord Krishna and Radha’s eternal affection. Holi is celebrated nationwide on the full moon day of the Hindu month Phalguna. This year, Holi will be celebrated across the country on March 25.

Holi celebrations involve playing with colours, water balloons, and flowers, eating delicious food, dancing to musical rhythms, and much more. While enjoying Holi with colours is one of the highlights of this celebration, the festivities may significantly influence pets in the neighbourhood.

Chemicals in colours and loud music can influence the health of dogs and cats. As a result, one must be careful enough to care for their pets and stress dogs when enjoying Holi. Here are a few simple methods to care for your dogs and make them feel safe and comfortable throughout the Holi celebrations.

1. Keep Your Pets Indoors

Holi is an outdoor event that is often enjoyed outside of homes. As a result, it is recommended that you keep your dogs home and away from celebrations. This allows you to keep children away from bright colours and loud noises.

2. Use Chemical-Free Colours

To celebrate Holi, always use chemical-free colours. Not only will they be safe for your dogs, but they will also be good for your skin and hair.

3. Provide A Safe Space

If you are planning on celebrating Holi at home, your first job is to provide a safe environment for your pets. Choose a room or part of your home that is distant from what is happening. Give your dogs their favourite food and toys so they may enjoy themselves as you celebrate Holi.

Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Pets During Holi!

4. Take Care Of Skin

If you take your pet outside during the Holi celebrations, be careful to apply pet-friendly oil on their skin. It will guarantee that the chemicals do not hurt your pet and do not cause itching or discomfort. Use only pet-friendly shampoos and avoid any chemical-based products. If your pet dog becomes smeared with any colour, avoid using spirit or kerosene oil.

5. Avoid Water Balloons

The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organization advises against keeping the pet away from the kids who frequently throw water balloons at them. Throwing water-filled balloons at dogs might result in eye damage. In case of a balloon strike, wash the pet’s eyes with clean water and monitor the dog for any signs of swelling. Dogs may chew and swallow water balloons and other Holi supplies, so pet parents should keep them out of reach.

6. Spend Time With Your Pet Dog

The loud noises and music at the celebration could be upsetting to your pet. Make sure you don’t leave your pet alone at home. To help them feel more at ease, consider giving them some toys or a blanket to keep them warm while keeping an eye on them.

Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Pets During Holi!

7. No Sweet Or Fried Treats For Your Furry Friend

Festivals are a time when many delicious foods are made. While you like it, do not serve it to your pets. Many of the ingredients, including spices and sugar, are inappropriate for animals. Rather, purchase sweets that are nutritious and appropriate for kids to ingest. Keep the pet dog well-hydrated at all times.

8. Pay Attention To Their Behavior

You should pay attention to your pet’s actions. Examine their reactions, physical. actions, and eating/drinking habits, and then take the right responses. If your pet shows salivation, loose movements, or other signs, contact a veterinarian immediately. Have the veterinarian’s contact information ready. Keep the pet indoors while the celebration is taking place outside.

9. Keep Track Of The Weather

Holi usually occurs in the spring, when the weather is uncertain. Keep an eye on the weather prediction and be prepared for any unexpected developments. If the weather forecast predicts high temperatures, make sure your pet has enough shade and drink.

Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Pets During Holi!

10. Report Abuse

Unfortunately, some individuals like to mistreat animals on Holi. If you see any such behaviour, you must report it to the authorities. Contact your local animal welfare group or the police to make a complaint against these individuals.

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