Apple Considering Google’s Gemini for AI iPhone Features

Apple Considering Google’s Gemini for AI iPhone Features

Apple is in discussions with Google about incorporating Google’s Gemini AI engine into iPhones, according to sources familiar with the situation. The decision is not surprising, since Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has previously referred to a big AI announcement this year. 

He has promised game-changing capabilities that would push limits, and with possible partnerships, he hopes to dictate the direction of iPhone innovation going forward.

According to the stated sources, Apple and Google are reportedly in discussions about Apple integrating AI capabilities into iPhone software. These features will be powered by Google’s generative AI models. Although details about the terms, branding, and execution of the arrangement have not yet been resolved, the conversations are apparently on the way.

The present search collaboration between Apple and Google, in which Google pays billions to be the default search engine on Apple products, would be expanded upon if this arrangement is successful. But because both businesses are so dominant in their respective industries, it might also come under examination for antitrust violations.

The upcoming iOS 18, Apple’s next operating system version, will bring new features driven by its own AI models. However, Apple is looking for a partner like Google, which has previously made progress in this field, to fully utilize generative AI capabilities beyond aspects that are exclusive to a device.

Notwithstanding the encouraging conversations, legal issues remain regarding the collaboration, particularly in light of the continuous investigation of the current search agreement between Apple and Google. However, both businesses are looking for ways to deal with regulatory obstacles in the changing AI environment.

Although discussions between Apple and Google are still under progress, no formal announcement is anticipated until June, during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple may still take into consideration alternatives like OpenAI or Anthropic, indicating the possibility of several collaborations in the AI space.

Apple has been experimenting with Ajax, a massive language model of its own, and Apple GPT, a basic chatbot. However, the technology is still in its early stages compared to Google’s offerings, which makes Apple’s decision to collaborate all the more tempting.

A collaboration with Apple could reach over 2 billion active Apple devices through Gemini, which would be a significant achievement for Google. Samsung’s integration of Gemini into their devices demonstrates the technology’s potential effect and reach.

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