Government Issues Warning To Avoid Public USB Ports for Smartphone Charging

The government has issued a warning, urging individuals to take precautions when using public phone charging stations at airports, cafés, hotels, and bus stations. The warning comes amid increased worries about the “USB charger scam,” a method used by fraudsters to target young people who rely on these stations while travelling.

The USB charger scam poses significant danger since it takes advantage of people’s trust in public charging stations. Cybercriminals use “juice-jacking” to access these ports and conduct attacks on linked devices.

What Is Juice-Jacking?

Juice-jacking allows hackers to steal sensitive data or install malware on unsuspecting users’ gadgets. When people connect their devices to infected ports, they unintentionally expose themselves to data theft, malware installation, and device hijacking.

Preventive Measures To Follow

1. Use Electrical Wall Outlets Or Carry Personal Cables And Power Banks

To avoid using public USB stations, choose standard electrical outlets wherever available, or carry your charging cables or power banks.

2. Protect Your Device And Avoid Pairing With Unknown Devices

To prevent unauthorized access or data breach, use device security measures such as PIN or password locks, and avoid connecting to unknown or untrusted devices.

3. Consider Charging Your Device While Turned Off

Charging gadgets when they are off decreases exposure to external dangers, lowering the chance of attacks via the internet.

4. Keep The Software Updated

Update the software on your smartphone regularly to fix security flaws and protect yourself from emerging dangers.

5. Install Malware Detection Software

Consider installing malware or virus detection software to further protect against harmful assaults.

What to Do If You’re a Victim

If you are a victim of the USB charging scam, please report it immediately by calling 1930 or completing a cyber fraud complaint at It is essential to take immediate action to handle the possible consequences of the fraud.

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