Get PVC Aadhaar Cards for Your Family Using One Phone Number

With only one phone number, you can now easily get PVC Aadhaar cards for every member of your home which helps you with the ease of family-centric services. This innovative feature ensures simplicity and efficiency by streamlining the procedure.

With just a few clicks and a nominal fee of Rs 50, you can now easily get a PVC Aadhaar card for your family. You can print the cards and have them simply delivered right to your door for this little fee. This is an affordable option for families of all sizes because the pricing is determined by the number of people who need the PVC Aadhaar card. This creative method guarantees affordability for homes of any size while also streamlining the procedure.

The streamlined process ensures a simple experience for families of two or ten, removing any obstacles to obtaining this crucial identity document. Additionally, the scheme encourages inclusiveness by providing a single pricing structure, making PVC Aadhaar cards available to all societal groups.

In line with the overarching objectives of digital empowerment and citizen-centric governance, this user-friendly effort demonstrates a dedication to improving the ease and accessibility of government services.

For example, if you have five family members, the total cost would be Rs 250, which would make it easy for each of them to get a PVC Aadhaar card. 

Steps To Get A PVC Aadhaar Card

  • Visit to start the process.
  • Once there, enter the security code that is provided along with the 12-digit Aadhaar numbers.
  • Next, add the phone number linked with the connected Aadhaar accounts.
  • Finish the process by providing the OTP that you were sent.

Note that only those whose phone numbers are associated with their Aadhaar accounts are eligible to buy PVC cards. By following strict verification processes, this guarantees security and authenticity at every stage of the process.

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