Simple Steps To Check EPF Balance via SMS and Missed Call

An effective national savings program that assists working persons in building a substantial retirement fund is the Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF. Salaried employees’ EPFO accounts are created by the businesses or organizations they work for. Both the employee and the employer make equal contributions to savings that may be accessed during retirement or after changing employment.

Members who have registered on the UAN site can message 7738299899 using the registered mobile number to get their details available with EPFO.

Check EPF Balance Via SMS

  • Open Messages on your phone, then enter EPFOHO, your UAN number, and the first three characters of the language you want to use. For example, to type English, you must type ENG.
  • The message should be sent to 7738299899.
  • Please remember to send the message using the cellphone number you have registered with your UAN. Your PF balance will not be disclosed by the EPFO if the SMS is received from a different phone.

Check EPF Balance Via Missed Call

  • Make a missed call from the registered mobile number to 9966044425.
  • Your PF balance will be sent by text message from the EPFO.

Steps To Check Your UAN Number

  • One can check their UAN by going to if they have forgotten it.
  • Select the ‘Know your UAN’ link located on the front page.
  • Enter the necessary information, such as your member ID and EPF account number.
  • We’ll get an authorization PIN.
  • Put the PIN in.
  • You will receive the UAN on the registered cellphone number.
  • If your UAN hasn’t been activated, click “Activate Your UAN” and adhere to the EPFO’s instructions.

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