Avoid Voice Call Scams with Truecaller’s AI Call Scanner: Here’s How

Avoid Voice Call Scams with Truecaller’s AI Call Scanner: Here’s How

Due to the widespread use of smartphones and technological advancements in today’s digitally-driven society, voice call frauds using artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more and more commonplace worldwide.

Truecaller says it has the finest tool, an AI call scanner, to combat the threat and shield consumers from scammers. As the name implies, this function will employ artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and assist consumers in identifying these fraudulent calls.

Artificial intelligence is used in voice scams to imitate human speech and deceive victims into parting with money. As deepfake technology advanced in 2019, these frauds began to surface. speech clones are created by scammers using AI on speech samples from social media. These clones are then used to phone and defraud a victim’s family.

By recognizing AI voices during a conversation, the AI conversation Scanner created by caller ID platform Truecaller combats these frauds. The AI swiftly ascertains whether the voice is computer-generated or human-generated after a brief analysis. Users get an immediate response after verification along with a notification saying, “AI Voice Detected” or “Human Detected.”

How Can I Turn On the AI Call Scanner?

  • Make Truecaller your main phone app.
  • If you receive a questionable call, tap “Start AI Detection.”
  • The call will momentarily halt after clicking as the AI records and examines the voice.
  • A notice titled “Analyzing…” will show up while the verification is being done.
  • After it’s finished, a prompt will appear on the screen to let you know if the voice is artificial intelligence (AI) or human.

To utilize the AI Call Scanner on Android, you must update to Truecaller version 14.6. It makes sense that the company will incorporate this AI capability in its premium plan, which offers a free trial. For now, this upgrade is only available to Truecaller subscribers in the US, but it may make its way to India and other nations in the upcoming months.

Along with this latest release, Truecaller, a caller ID platform, recently revealed that it now has over 400 million monthly active users. This suggests that there is an increasing demand for measures to stop unsolicited contact and fraud.

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