Essential Things to Know When Updating Aadhaar

Essential Things to Know When Updating Aadhaar

Here are some crucial data that might assist if you have trouble getting updates to your name, address, or other details on your Aadhaar card. Remember that there is a simple method to follow and that the minimum time needed to update the card is ninety days before applying for the upgrade. Visit to find out the status.

If the ninety days are exceeded and the card still indicates “in process,” you can contact the [email protected] email address or call the toll-free number 1947 for more support.

You need to link your Aadhaar to a registered phone number to build an Aadhaar profile with the mAadhaar app and use mAadhaar’s perks. Any smartphone that has the app loaded will allow you to register your profile. Nevertheless, only registered mobile device numbers will get the OTP. 

The following easy steps will help you create an Aadhaar profile:

  • Open the application
  • At the top of the main dashboard, tap the Register Aadhaar option.
  • Make a four-digit PIN or password; remember it since it will be needed to access your profile.
  • Enter a valid Captcha and present a valid Aadhaar.
  • Enter and submit a valid OTP.
  • It is necessary to register the profile.
  • The registered Aadhaar name would now appear on the registered tab.
  • Select the My Aadhaar option from the menu’s bottom.
  • Put in a four-digit password or PIN.
  • The dashboard for Aadhaar appears.

Moreover, the mAadhaar app does not offer the ability to amend demographic information like name, DoB, and cellphone number. Right now, the document facility can only be used to update the address.

Using your password is another crucial way to update your Aadhaar card. If your spouse’s name appears on this document, you can use it as evidence of address for them. Updates can therefore be made.

For NRI candidates, a valid Indian passport is required as proof of identification (PoI). With a legitimate supporting proof of address (PoA) from any other Indian address in the UIDAI-acceptable document list, you have the option.

The person applying for enrollment may choose to enter their date of birth in Aadhaar as “declared” or “approximate” if they do not have valid proof of birth on hand at the time of enrollment.

However, the owner of the Aadhaar number has to provide legitimate proof of birth to update the DoB in Aadhaar.

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