Google Maps Testing Real-Time Navigation with Live Activities for iPhone Users

Google Maps Testing Real-Time Navigation with Live Activities for iPhone Users

Users of iPhones who depend on Google Maps for navigation may now finally exhale easily. Google has been exploring the integration of Live Activities with Google Maps on iPhones, while Android users have been enjoying glanceable instructions for years.

Previously, to get real-time navigation updates, users of iPhones running Google Maps had to unlock their phones repeatedly. This could be harmful and distracting if you’re walking or driving. Google Maps remained the exception, even if other navigation applications included on-screen instructions.

Apps may now show real-time information right on the lock screen and Dynamic Island (on iPhone 14 Pro models) thanks to Live Activities, which was included in iOS 16. The following will appear straight on iPhone users’ lock screens while Google Maps tests this feature:

  • Directions To The Next Turn: You won’t have to struggle to unlock your phone to find out where to go next.
  • Estimated Arrival Time: Monitor your ETA with a fast glance.
  • Traffic Updates: Without unlocking your phone, be informed of any potential delays and modify your route appropriately.

Reddit and other web sources have reported that some iPhone users are already seeing Live Activities with Google Maps, even if the testing period doesn’t seem to be long. Users won’t have to unlock their phones or flip between applications all the time to stay updated thanks to this integration, which will make using smartphones safer and more comfortable.

When Live Activities for Google Maps for iPhone will be widely available is unknown. Ongoing testing, nevertheless, indicates that Google is dedicated to improving the iOS user experience.

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